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Share your memories - Roseacre at 90!


During September Roseacre will celebrate its 90th Anniversary.  We know that many of our former children are now parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents.  If you have any stories or memories that you would like to share with us,please add them below.  It would be useful if you could include the years you were here.  We will  be displaying some of our archive of old photographs at school over the coming weeks.  If you have any photos you would like to share please email them to
Thank you

Roseacre at 90 Roseacre at 90
Roseacre at 90 Roseacre at 90
Roseacre at 90 Roseacre at 90

Here are a selection of photographs from our celebrations.  There are also photographs from past pupils from their time here.

Look at Year 3.  Slide the arrows back and forth and see what happens.  Jump back in time to 1928.  Can you spot any differences?

Here is a photo from the Netball team in 1982.  Thanks to Mrs Wormell for providing the photograph and her memories.  A current staff member is also in this photo.  Can you find them?

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  1. Julie Wormell on September 29, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    I loved my years at Roseacre, a very, very, happy time 1976-83.

    Way back then we had the most exciting new arrival in school…a BBC computer! My class in the 4th year Juniors (old money), Miss Watkinson’s, was the only class to have access to this amazing new invention! I remember very clearly that there was a diary with slots of time in, that we could book (for good behaviour) to experience using the computer. This became a very highly sought after activity as it was just like something from the future. We couldn’t do very much except a little bit of BASIC programming but we were all very awestruck. When it wasn’t in use it was covered up with a big blanket. Whether this was to ‘keep the dust out’ or to stop all the awestruck children gawping at it and being distracted I’m not sure! How times move on. We all now have access to technology through our mobile phones and tablets etc but the BBC computer was huge and took up a sizable chunk of our classroom but how we cherished it!

    Another strong memory which may make people smile was the ‘Nit nurse’, Nitty Nora. We all had to periodically go and be inspected by the nurse and I remember her office being at the top of the stairs opposite the school office entrance. There would be a long line of us waiting to be seen. Can you imagine that happening nowadays!

    Miss Marsh, Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Edge, Mr Buck, Mr Goulding, Mrs Halliwell, Mr Titeton (our German teacher), Miss Watkinson and the fabulous headteachers Mrs Peacock (Primary) and Mr Summers (Junior) are all teachers that even now, millions of years later, really stick in my mind. My class had the honour of a teaching session in creative writing with Mr Summers every week, where he introduced us to the Moomins. This is such a fond and inspiring memory which endures to this day. I had the pleasure of working with Mr Summers’ wife Ceris as an adult and she was just as lovely as he was.

    Our ‘Houses’ – (teams these days) back then were Angles, Saxons, Celts and Danes. Competition was fierce between the houses and lots of activities contributed to ‘Merit points’. We all did our best to keep those points rising. Some things never change!

    Playtime often consisted of picking up rose hips from the garden floor and running round after each other trying to give someone an ‘itchy back’. Also skipping games, handstands and british bulldog, releasio, fairy footsteps…all games that everyone played.

    Back then you were expected to eat what you were given at lunchtime. This is where my utter hatred of rice pudding, tapioca and semolina began! Milk puddings never were and never have been my thing. We had to bring a note into school if parents felt there were things we couldn’t eat but this was a rarity. The dinner lady used to write it up on a special board in the canteen and that was the only way you would be excused from having something. I eventually managed to get ‘liver’ up there, still makes me shudder! School meals on the whole though were always good.

    I could go on and on reminiscing – school life back then was wonderful and is the reason all these years later I chose to send my daughter to Roseacre. Of course everything moves on but I hope that the strong moral values that we were all taught, the expectations of good behaviour and the sense of community responsibility continues.

  2. Colin Clarke on November 23, 2018 at 7:26 am

    My school in 1944 -1950, we had Mr. Harwood as Head Master, MsTewksbury in year five and Ms Sowerby (?) in year six. I still remeber morning assembly withus all singing a hymn, and the Christmas plays we did. I was Inkeeper in one of them.
    My friends were David Kaye, Ron Pilkington, Mary Lord. Was a long time ago but I remember a few of us in 1947 working out how old we’d be in Year 2000.

    Colin Clarke (Melbourne, Australia)

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