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Excellence from all

Welcome to Year 6!

In Year Six there are three classes;

      • 6BB are taught by Mr Burgess
      • 6CW are taught by Miss Weston
      • 6JH are taught by Miss Hyland
        year group teaching assistants are Miss Marr and Mrs Cutting and Mrs Stanley

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PE Days

Below are the days we do P.E.

      • 6BB - Tuesday
      • 6CW - Friday
      • 6JH - Wednesday

Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E kit inside school. This should include:

      • 1 black/gold P.E t-shirt
      • 1 pair of black shorts
      • 1 pair of school black pumps

If ears are recently pierced then plasters or tape should be supplied in their P.E. bag and the children will apply these themselves. 

Year 6 children are trusted to be able to take their own earrings out.


Children in Year 6 will receive the following homework:

    • English - every Monday, to be returned by the following Monday. This will be in a blue homework book.
    • Spellings- updated list on the school website every Monday, to be tested the following Monday.
    • Maths - every Monday, to be returned the following Monday. This is an online activity on My Maths.
    • Reading - We would like your child to read at least 3 times per week. Reading books can be changed whenever needed. If your child is not enjoying a book, please let us know in their reading records and we will change it. Reading diaries need to be handed in every FRIDAY with three signatures each week to evidence reading at home.

Homework is an essential part of your child’s learning and development as it reinforces key concepts and consolidates learning that has taken place in the classroom. It should always be fun though — little and often is always best.

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Year 6 Standards